Multi-Family Housing

At Partnership Property Management, we are dedicated to providing quality, professional services for the property owner and an attractive, comfortable place for residents to call home.

With Partnership Property Management, you can rest assured that the day-to-day affairs of property management are taken care of promptly and professionally. We manage all resident contact and correspondence; handle all financial matters including rent collection, payroll and accounting; hire and supervise all employees; and maintain compliance with all applicable ADA, Fair Housing, local, state and federal laws and regulations. We'll also provide representation in magistrate's court as necessary.

Our dedicated management team will keep you advised of your property's status through monthly financial reports and written operations evaluations.

Residents positively respond to Partnership Property's professional management practices. We know that maintenance, inside and out, is of great importance to everyone, so our communities are professionally landscaped and well maintained. Our industry contacts allow us to assist the owner in obtaining the most competitive pricing available for insurance, auditing, and property tax consulting. Partnership Property Management also plans for the future by developing marketing plans designed to fill vacancies quickly, and regularly inspecting and evaluating the buildings and grounds for curb appeal and marketability. Partnership Property Management is about quality management based on customer needs and quality of living.