Supportive Services

Partnership Property Management's commitment to providing high quality, affordable housing is based on our desire to foster communities where residents, managers, staff, and owners work together to enhance quality of life essentials. These include health issues; safety and emotional well-being for all who live and work within the development. Supportive Services Programs are assisting our company to take this commitment to new levels on behalf of residents, managers, staff, and owners.

Supportive Services Programs at Partnership Property Management's properties may be implemented in different ways. Many owners who seek our company's management services share our commitment to supportive services and have planned for supportive services to be a part of their housing development. As an owner, you may have received funding based on your commitment to provide supportive services. In order to ensure that supportive services programs are implemented as planned and that mandatory requirements are met, it is necessary to formally define responsibilities for such programs. Partnership Property Management employs a Supportive Services Specialist in our central office who is devoted to enhancing quality of life essentials for our residents.