Partnership Property Management Awards

Partnership Property Management 2017 President's Choice Award Winners
Awards presented by Rick Allen, President

Horace Grooms, Site Manager at West Forest                            Santiago Salazar, Maintenance Caretaker at    
Apartments in Cheraw, SC                                                           Random Woods & Emerywood Forest in NC

Joan Wall, Site Manager at River Pointe Apartments               Lou Leaming, Maintenance Caretaker at Mallard
in Randleman, NC                                                                    Creek Apartments in Aurora, NC

                                     Tracy Holbert, Site Manager at Woodridge
                                                 Apartments in Asheville, NC

Partnership Property Management 2017 Director's Choice Award Winners

Becky Stevens, Director                                                        Ed Dallape, Director
Carol Rhodes, Site Manager at Creekside Crossing             Diane Matthews, Site Manager at Brookhollow &
Apartments in Spindale, NC                                                 Westridge Apartments in Sanford, NC
Tim Widener, Maintenance Caretaker at Pine Mtn               Donnie Lawing, Maintenance Caretaker at Woodmont
Trace & Woodland Village Apts in Hudson, NC                    Apartments in Lincolnton, NC

Emily DeMasters, Director                                                          Travis Walters, Director
April Forrester, Site Manager at Hartwood Village                   Betty Nichols, Site Manager at Fieldale and The
& Pinebridge Apartments in Hartsville, SC                                 Meadows Apartments in NC
Chris Wolfe, Sr, Maintenance Caretaker at The Oaks                Andy Rawls, Maintenance Caretaker at Beacon 
& Conwayborough Apartments in Conway, SC                           Pointe Apartments in Wilson, NC 

                                     Jeff Holomsn, Director
              Lynda Horn, Site Manager at Creekridge Apartments in Albemarle, NC
Tony Harper, Maintenance Caretaker at The Griffin Apartments in
                                     Asheville, NC

Partnership Property Management 2017 Resident Activities Award Winners
Awards presented by Lindsay Arnold, Resident Activities Administrator

  Debbie Waterson, Site Manager at Cedar Glen                        Patti Straker, Site Manager at Mallard Creek
  Apartments in Conover, NC                                                        Apartments in Aurora, NC

                  Kathy James, Site Manager at                       Vicki Hunt, Site Manager at Baldwin Place Apartments
                  Robins Park Apartments in                              in Maxton, NC
                  Robbinsville, NC                                            
Tracy Young, Site Manager at Springfield Apartments
                                                                                         in Darlington, SC  

Partnership Property Management 2017 Compliance Award Winners
Awards presented by Michelle Meeks, Compliance Director

         Carol Rhodes, Site Manager at Creekside                          Hilda Stevenson, Site Manager at Woodrun &
         Crossing Apartments in Spindale, NC                                  Collinswood Apartments in Elkin, NC

         Nilda Bardales Robles, Site Manager at                                Vicki Hunt, Site Manager at Baldwin Place &
         Wilmington Court Apartments in Wallace, NC                         Brookside Apartments in Maxton, NC

                                           Zokie Lampley, Site Manager at Long Branch &
                                                                   Mill Pond Apartments in Dillon, SC