Partnership Property Management Awards

Partnership Property Management 2018 President's Choice Award Winners
Awards presented by Rick Allen, President

Karl Stevenson, Maintenance Caretaker at Collinswood & Woodrun, Elkin, NC
Ed Dallape, Executive Director of Property Management
Betty Nichols, Site Manager at Fieldale and The Meadows in NC

Herbert Page, Site Manager at Gateway Village, Gastonia, NC Tony Harper, Site Manager at The Griffin, Asheville, NC

April Forrester, Site Manager at Hartwood Village & Pinebridge in SC
Vickie Sanford, Site Manager at Woodcreek Village & Countryside in NC

Partnership Property Management 2018 Director's Choice Award Winners

Doug Williams, Maintenance Caretaker at Applegate Village & Summerfield in NC
Ed Dallape, Executive Director of Property Management
Lois Mitchell, Site Manager at Farm Ridge in VA

Ray Pittman, Maintenance Caretaker at Deerfield & Drew Hills in NC
Becky Selvek, Site Manager at Bowman Manor & Glenbrook Meadows in NC
Suzanne Turner, Director of Property Management
Nina Chernous, Site Manager at Annandale, Broadway, Laurel Bridge, Merrimon, & Weaverville Commons in NC
Jeff Holoman, Vice President/Partner/Director of Property Management

Al Halle, Maintenance Caretaker at Cross Creek in NC
Joyce Chambers, Site Manager at Westmore in NC
Becky Stevens, Executive Director of Property Management
Travis Yarborough, Maintenance Caretaker at The Highlands in NC
Teresa Lawson, Site Manager at Berry Court & Berry Park in NC
Travis Walters, Director of Property Management


Shane Bewley, Maintenance Caretaker at Springfield in SC
Joyce Marusich, Site Manager at Valley View in SC
Emily DeMasters-O'Brien, Director of Property Management

Partnership Property Management 2018 Resident Activities Award Winners
Awards presented by Lindsay Arnold, Resident Activities Administrator

Diane Billerman, Site Manager at Hillside & Riverside in NC Dot Sellers, Site Manager at Burnside Village in NC

Sheila Benjamin, Site Manager at Oak Haven in NC
Angie Gwaltney, Site Manager at Northpoint Commons in NC
Patsy Hayes, Site Manager at Wesley Ridge in NC
Don Bowen, Site Manager at Ivy Terrace in SC

Partnership Property Management 2018 Compliance Award Winners
Awards presented by Michelle Meeks, Director of Compliance

Lisa Borkowski, Site Manager at The Retreat at Statesville in NC Theresa Gregory, Site Manager at Oak Ridge in NC
Betty Nichols, Site Manager at Fieldale & The Meadows in NC

Linda Schreiber, Site Manager at Pinewood Plaza in NC Karan Bullock, Site Manager at Woodfield I & II in NC
Deidra Hummel, Site Manager at Westwind Village I & II in SC

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